How to Wear Floral Shirts

Since the Hawaiian shirt that was discovered in the 1990’s, men’s fashion trends have been able to come full circle. Modern designers have proven that they can think outside the box and demonstrate expression using different aspect of fashion. There are many clothing items that would be found in a modern man’s closet. The society has been able to embrace blooming’ bottoms, beachside blooms, color blocked outfits but floral shirts still raises eyebrows. A few men have realized that a dash of floral flair is a well-placed accessory that will bring diversity into any wardrobe but the rest of the world is still on the fence about it.

Floral shirts have always made for great summer pieces. The fact that they come in a variety of styles make them most diverse item in a closet. Regardless of whether you want them in concrete or abstract, from those with big flowers to small flowers or those that are very subtle, there are different floral designs to suit different preferences.

In the world of fashion, trends come and go. We have been able to see roses on rucksacks to tulips on t-shirts but floral prints are the biggest menswear trend and they have been around for many years. Although floral has always been linked to women, designers like Gucci and Alexander McQueen have proven the true value off floral shirts on a man’s body. It is the must-have item of the season.

The following tips will ensure that you always wear your floral shirts in the right way:

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Why Floral Shirts Will Make Your Wardrobe Stand Out


They can be worn with all your solid color pieces

It is important to keep in mind that a lot of the time, floral shirts are of full bright colors and should be paired with neutral color pieces. When floral shirts are misplaced, they are often unappealing to the body and to the eyes. When a floral print is worn with a solid color piece, it easily stands out. Neutral colors like gray, black, white and beige are easy to match and coordinate. This way, you will establish a creative color scheme that will speak well of your style

Floral Shirts can be paired with a different print

Matching your floral print shirt with another piece that features a print takes your style above and beyond. Wearing two different print patterns will enable you to bend a few rules in an exciting way. For instance, a small-flowered floral shirt should be paired with dotted shorts. Do not wear the same kind of prints for your tops and bottoms, otherwise, you will look like an optical illusion. No pun intended.

Floral Shirts are a great addition to your other floral garments

Contrary to belief, a great floral shirt can also be worn with another type of floral garment. For best effects, it is recommended to wear two totally different floral prints.

Floral shirts are appropriate for social and casual settings as they may not go well with dressy occasions. Incorporating floral shirts into your wardrobe may be easier than you think. You can always find one that will suit your personality, budget, and taste.